The Power To Transform any Relationship Lies Within

It's time to embrace it

Your spirit whispers a potent message within...

Allow me to reveal it to you and amplify it's message

Are you wanting richness and deeper connection in your relationships?

The key to real connection in relationships begins with understanding yourself:

How would it look to wake each day feeling inspired, more deeply understood and living your life purpose?

Are you ready to clear that which no longer serves you and move towards progressive thriving? 

Let's take a journey into how to embrace your true nature and operate from this place always.

Here lies an invitation to follow the call within to transform and thrive.


Hi, I'm Sunaina

I'm here to help you shine

Becoming the best version of yourself begins with knowing your true nature. Move past the superficial to a deeper intrinsic understanding of who you are and why you function the way you do. This knowledge will make you more effective than you can ever imagine. Very subtly, your entire world can expand and shift in a moment.

Come take an enchanting journey with me to explore and discover what lies deep within, to activate your highest potential, and to experience the rich life you were born to live.

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Who Are You?

Unlock rich insights about yourself and understand how to improve all areas of your life. The results will surprise and delight you. Click the button to book a free 15 minute discovery call with me.

What I Offer

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Guided Sessions

One-on-one sessions to help you understand your path and walk it with confidence. Uncover the patterns governing your life to ignite your inner spark and shine brightly. The first step in moving forward is to learn what holds you back within yourself and in your relationships.

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Heal Your Relationships

Deep insight into how you relate with others. Experience a profound shift in your relationships, heal and transform conflicts from their core level. Enhance your connection and intimacy with others with clarity and confidence.

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9 Weeks To Fly

Deep insight into your key relationships and karmic bonds. Transform and heal conflicts. Increased confidence and vitality on a core level. Learn how to manage relationships more effectively. Psychic upgrade, shifts in your relationship, transform your life.

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What is the Enneagram?

The foundation for all spirituality is the path of Self Knowledge

The Enneagram is a powerful algorithm that reveals your inner psyche for deeply understanding Self and Others and how to awaken to our own individual intrinsic nature.

It is a sacred system for understanding the nine survival patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving from the nine personality types of the false ego.

Kind Words


Nikhil Sharma

Type 9

Sunaina is blessed to see through anyone she wants and heal them forever. Her genuine care is beyond this world. I can’t recommend her enough for the knowledge and experiences in the field of Consciousness.


Fidel Leo

Type 1

Sunaina brings a transmission of consciousness. She has a sound and in depth understanding of the enneagram. Together with her exquisite level of self awareness she creates a space to speak into who I am and how I operate in this world.

Sunaina gave me a huge system upgrade by delivering a sacred code into I operate at a higher level, how to meet people and be in the world more harmoniously.

If you’re looking for greater understanding of who you are and how you operate and receive new tools of how to and bring forth your gifts into this world, I highly recommend Sunaina for the potent medicine she carries.

Siddhartha Sun

Siddhartha Sun

Type 1

Sunaina's process, methods and life's lessons has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Her guidance has taken me to the depths of my real essence while her presence and truth viewing, allowed me to enter deeply within backed by tools that healed my entire perception. 

I experienced The Embrace as stepping the real me and taste my highest potential. Sunaina demonstrated an ability to put her intentions into practice with great light of true wisdom.


Joseph Wap Norton

Type 8

Sunaina delivered a profoundly supreme download of spiritual understanding that brought me to tears of joy. I felt seen, recognised, heard, felt and understood on such a deep level. Her transmission created a potent resonance within me that instantly shifted a strongly stuck dynamic. I felt immediate relief, healing and liberation from the blockages in my relationship. I'm deeply grateful for Sunaina's powerful work and I highly recommend her especially if you are experiencing a relationship issue.


Heather Elwell

Type 6

Sunaina tutored me for two years in finding my deepest wholeness and connection which gave me a whole new direction. Her potent insights and wisdom gave me the courage to move forwards into my chosen career and experience greater awareness and clarity.

If you are ready to excavate your authentic self, Sunaina most definitely offers profoundly rich and impactful insights that have been monumentally beneficial and gave me such a deep sense of purpose. 


Jahnavi O'Neill

Type 2

Sunaina, serves the Divine Nature of all things more than anyone I've ever met. The loving conversations Sunaina brought me revealed to me the meaning of life and everything. I have so much gratitude and love for her unrelenting service, patience and support she has provided to me and my whole family. Thank you!


Itamar Sebbane

Type 2

Sunaina gave me a deep and detailed Enneagram reading for guidance and counsel. She is a beautiful teacher and my mentor. She felt my core energy and accurately provided insight into myself, then facilitated a whole process which deeply uncovered me and revealed to me how to access my personal power, explaining every question until I felt complete. It was an amazing experience!

Sunaina's incredible gift is her attuned intuition and sharp senses, while completely respecting me, she allowed me to open up to her fully for a profound shift.


Livnat Riof

Type 6

Sunaina is a wise and magical woman who shines brightly. Her perception inspired me to integrate her incredible wisdom and knowledge into my life. I watched her nourish everyone she came into contact with. I have so much love and admiration for this woman. She gives so much. I miss her energy so much. With all my heart. <3


Chris Asbury

Type 2

I met Sunaina at the most perfect time for me and revealed to me why I was behaving the way I was and what part of me I was feeding. She gave me an in depth insight into myself and quickly I realised that she understood me better than those I've known my whole life.

A following session with Sunaina allowed me to understand my girlfriends perspective and she revealed to me what exactly she wanted from a man. Our misunderstandings became clear and quickly we resolved our issues and instantly move forward in our relationship. I wouldn't be with the understanding I have now without Sunaina's insights and wisdom and knowledge of the Enneagram. She opened my mind to a whole new understanding myself profoundly better than anyone I've ever met. 


Dharmendra Rai

Type 1

Very few people get me. Even without words Sunaina understood me immediately. She saw my inner picture and provided me with incredible insight and helped me to connect all the dots like an atom and a molecule and "blast", I saw myself clearly. She revealed my own conditioning with such clarity and vision. The profound shift is with me every time I think of her. Sunaina is a real person and a pure soul. I always feel very good when I see her. She is my mentor.


Maria & Adam Andrea

Type 4

My wife and I had a session with Sunaina and instantly developed a deeper understanding of each other, our relationship and most surprisingly ourselves. Sunaina was able to access our core and explain what makes us tick with astounding accuracy. It was so helpful even after 20 years of growing together. I highly recommend Sunaina’s services if you’re looking to learn more about yourself, your partner and to strengthen your relationship.


Angeline Meloche

Type 2

Sunaina is a rare jewel who speaks to  the ‘wise one’ inside and supported that part of me, to shine. She tuned into precisely to where I felt trapped in my life and helped me surrender so the patterns and misperceptions could shift where I previously felt stuck. Sunaina weaves wisdom into her readings with me and brought insight into the nature of personality that keeps me spellbound.


Kylie Wolfgramm

Type 6

I declare that Sunaina is a highly conscious being for this new earth. She is an authentic adventurous soul who sees love and beauty in everything and serves in such a rare and potent way. She is both remarkable and amazing.


Karina Nunez

Type 4

Sunaina is a woman of impressive substance. Her insight as to the workings of the mind is profound. She shines a light on that which is blocking me and lights up my real Self. She allows me the freedom to discern and choose which is true. Sunaina lights the way to inner clarity and reveals what has been playing out in my thoughts. Sunaina takes me past mind to a gentle knowing and Peace so lovely with all power to heal any wound that may temporarily linger. Sunaina through her own extensive experience and practise over the last few decades I've known her can guide you home to quiet ease and rest.


Federica Sveva

Type 4

I can definitely vouch for Sunaina, she is one of the best medium and analyst of the mind I’ve ever met. If you struggle with a relationship with one other, family or other she can help you find a intimate perspective and direction for a new situation evolving.

Hayley Devlin

Hayley Devlin

Type 4

Sunaina has helped me so much on my journey. She has provided so much wisdom and planted many seeds that are flourishing to the point I feel highly supported empowered and unstoppable. 

Samuel Allan

Samuel Allan

Type 6

Sunaina truly has the most incredible gift of being able to see and feel into the latent capacities within me and those I have witnessed come to her for guidance. She has an extraordinary talent for understanding what lies at the core of suffering and a beautiful implacability in discerning the primary cause beyond the surface.

Ty Moonchild

Ty Moonchild

Type 9

Meeting Sunaina was very synchronistic. I had a full blown revelation upon meeting her! She put what I could not express myself into perfect words and gifted me with deeper insight into who I am and what my I must overcome to be the best version of myself with such clarity. I'm so grateful and have been integrating her wise words into my life ever since.

Knowing Yourself


Beginning of All Wisdom

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