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River Angel

Keys to Your Transformation

Hello. My name is Sunaina and I am able to show you what lies at the heart of any conflict or difficulty in any relationship and shed light on how to resolve them.

Welcome to “The Embrace”. I will assist you in being able to better understand yourself in relationship with others and bring about profound clarity and insight that you may never have considered possible.

About Me

I am a qualified counsellor through the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and a qualified teacher of Human Sciences through the Southern Cross University. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cultural Studies and Cultural Policy.

I am also a sincere practitioner of Bhakti Yoga and Jesus' “A Course in Miracles”. I am a mother of three children and for the last 20 years I have maintained my connection with Vedic culture for my own growth and development and for the nourishment of my children.

In 2009, I came into contact with the Enneagram through Eli Jaxon-Bear's teachings. Since this profound introduction I have been working with this sacred algorithm ever since.

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The Path of Self Enquiry

Since early childhood, I was having to navigate and overcome many adversities which then extended into my life as a single mother. When I discovered that I am a type 8, it made sense to me why I had experienced more challenging adversities than most people I have connected with.

A characteristic of type 8 is that they are instinctively and fundamentally based upon truth: truth-seeing and truth-speaking. Seeing the bigger picture is the intrinsic nature for type 8. When I discovered this was indicative of the type 8, and recognising this nature within myself, I felt drawn to explore more. By contrast, a frustration arises when others are not able to accurately see the authentic intention of where a progressive type 8 is coming from. The result is  an overwhelming sense of disappointment which can then give rise to misunderstandings and conflicts. Observing this pattern within myself allowed me to realise my gift: to help others by shedding light upon where they are not able to see so clearly within themselves.

My connection with this incredible teaching tool has facilitated me through my own journey of reflection and self enquiry and assisted me in accessing a sacred wisdom within. As a result, I am able to deliver potent insights as to what lies at the heart of every problem in the dynamics of human relationships from any family member to friend, lover or work colleague.

How the Enneagram Transformed my Life

My ability to overcome the myriad of adversities throughout the course of my life has largely come from the insights I have gained from the Enneagram. This sacred science has given me rich insights into the human psyche and I am now able to understand the instinctive drives and motivations of others. This not only helps me avoid any further unnecessary pain and struggle, but it has also enhanced my relationships to heal, thrive, transform and flourish.

My journey and life skill has been about cutting to the source of any conflict and undoing the knot bound by any unresolved grievance. The process of healing transformation unfolds simply by acknowledging it and having the willingness to forgive it.

According to your own readiness for growth and expansion, I am able to unlock the key to your inner psyche, reveal your core drives and motivation, and facilitate your own transformation within yourself and in your relationships.

Case Studies 

case study type 1

Case Study 1

Enneagram Type 1 - Immobilised by Ideals

This man came to me because he felt frustrated in not knowing how to make a move on the woman he wanted to have children with. By helping him to identify his core motivation and blocks to being able to achieve his goal, he was able to approach his set of circumstances in a whole new light.

case study type 2

Case Study 2

Enneagram Type 2 - Seeking Validation

This woman desperately desired to feel loved. Together we explored her deep need for validation. In session with me, she was able to access her sense of self worth and accept her present circumstances and simply allow her desires to unfold and fruit organically.

Case Study 3

Case Study 3

Enneagram Type 3 - Success Seeker

This man came to me because he wanted a promotion and to be the company director. By helping him to identify some relationship issues with his father around his own worth, he was able to move forward, overcome his insecurities and win the title he had always wanted.

case study type 4

Case Study 4

Enneagram Type 4 - Unrequited Love

Life was a series of disappointing lovers for this client, who felt rejected, taken advantage of, and humiliated. In session with me she was able to identify what she truly loved, dedicated herself to that which deserved her attention, and in doing so came to appreciate her own value.

Case Study 5

Case Study 5

Enneagram Type 5 - The Cocoon

In an effort to protect himself from his acute sensitivities, this client was missing cues to enter an intimate relationship with the woman he had desired for many years. After a powerful discovery session, he was able to reframe his perspective to allow his sensitivities to align with hers.

case study type 6

Case Study 6

Enneagram Type 6 - Security Seeking

Everything this man tried to implement in life felt meaningless and uncertain. In session with me, he was able to identify the cause of his negative program and adjust it by connecting with his own inner trust. Quickly, he was able to remove exactly what had been blocking him from his real purpose.

case study type 7

Case Study 7

Enneagram Type 7 - Pleasure Seeker

This woman was stressed about her dreams and endeavors, but was met with many obstructions. Her feelings around her father's ill health were being avoided up until that point. Upon acknowledging and feeling her pain, she was able to access a rich tranquility and move forward effortlessly.

Case Study 8

Case Study 8

Enneagram Type 8 - Overcompensating

Whilst struggling with a lack of intimacy in his marriage, this client came to realise that his focus was too much on the financial and stability aspects of his relationship. After working with me and learning to open into his own tenderness, he was able to enter deeper intimacy with his wife.

case study type 9

Case Study 9

Enneagram Type 9 - Career Change 

This man was overwhelmed about the changing circumstances in his career and needed a solid solution. In session with me, we explored his desire to be his own boss. We discussed the implementation of the initial steps which allowed for him to feel ease around his obligations to his family.

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