Your Journey With Me

Ready to take the next steps in opening to your inner richness and activating your full potential? Here's how I can serve you....

Choose Your investment

One on One Session

$160 / Hour

  • 60 Minute Session
  • A profound shift into your inner psyche.
  • Clarity and ease in your thoughts, feelings and your entire being.

Heal Your Relationship


  • 3 X 60 Minute Session
  • Deep insight into how you relate with others.
  • A profound shift in your relationships.

9 Week Journey


  • 9 X Sessions
  • Deep insight into all key relationships.
  • Transform and heal conflicts at core level.
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One on One Session

  • A profound shift and upgrade in your psyche.

  • Clarity and ease in your thoughts, feelings and your entire being.

  • Understand your nature beyond the story.

  • Accomplish Your Goals - Reach Your Potential

  • Thrive in your true nature beyond the story.

Unfuck Your Relationship

  • Deep insight into how you relate with others.

  • A profound shift in your relationships.

  • Heal and transform conflicts from their core level.

  • Deeper connection and intimacy with others.

  • Clarity and confidence of how to thrive in your relationships.

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9 Week Breakthrough Journey

  • Deep insight into all your key relationships and karmic bonds.

  • Understand the motivations of others and enhance dynamics for progressive living.

  • Transform and heal conflicts at core level.

  • Increased confidence and vitality on a core level.

  • Deepen your insights of how to manage relationships more effectively.

  • Psychic upgrade, shifts in your relationship, transform your life.

Case Studies 

case study type 1

Case Study 1

Enneagram Type 1 - Immobilised by Ideals

This man came to me because he felt frustrated in not knowing how to make a move on the woman he wanted to have children with. By helping him to identify his core motivation and blocks to being able to achieve his goal, he was able to approach his set of circumstances in a whole new light.

case study type 2

Case Study 2

Enneagram Type 2 - Seeking Validation

This woman desperately desired to feel loved. Together we explored her deep need for validation. In session with me, she was able to access her sense of self worth and accept her present circumstances and simply allow her desires to unfold and fruit organically.

Case Study 3

Case Study 3

Enneagram Type 3 - Success Seeker

This man came to me because he wanted a promotion and to be the company director. By helping him to identify some relationship issues with his father around his own worth, he was able to move forward, overcome his insecurities and win the title he had always wanted.

case study type 4

Case Study 4

Enneagram Type 4 - Unrequited Love

Life was a series of disappointing lovers for this client, who felt rejected, taken advantage of, and humiliated. In session with me she was able to identify what she truly loved, dedicated herself to that which deserved her attention, and in doing so came to appreciate her own value.

Case Study 5

Case Study 5

Enneagram Type 5 - The Cocoon

In an effort to protect himself from his acute sensitivities, this client was missing cues to enter an intimate relationship with the woman he had desired for many years. After a powerful discovery session, he was able to reframe his perspective to allow his sensitivities to align with hers.

case study type 6

Case Study 6

Enneagram Type 6 - Security Seeking

Everything this man tried to implement in life felt meaningless and uncertain. In session with me, he was able to identify the cause of his negative program and adjust it by connecting with his own inner trust. Quickly, he was able to remove exactly what had been blocking him from his real purpose.

case study type 7

Case Study 7

Enneagram Type 7 - Pleasure Seeker

This woman was stressed about her dreams and endeavors, but was met with many obstructions. Her feelings around her father's ill health were being avoided up until that point. Upon acknowledging and feeling her pain, she was able to access a rich tranquility and move forward effortlessly.

Case Study 8

Case Study 8

Enneagram Type 8 - Overcompensating

Whilst struggling with a lack of intimacy in his marriage, this client came to realise that his focus was too much on the financial and stability aspects of his relationship. After working with me and learning to open into his own tenderness, he was able to enter deeper intimacy with his wife.

case study type 9

Case Study 9

Enneagram Type 9 - Career Change 

This man was overwhelmed about the changing circumstances in his career and needed a solid solution. In session with me, we explored his desire to be his own boss. We discussed the implementation of the initial steps which allowed for him to feel ease around his obligations to his family.

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