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The Journey Back to Source

If one is willing to accept the face of their own ego-wiring and surrender it up, then the elevated Self - the true essence of personality - can step forward.

We each enter our lives through the process of birth - conceived by humans and pushed into the world through the body of the mother.

One must be willing to accept that we chose our family, parents, siblings, culture, linage, tribe, and the entire time/space/place continuum - our chosen destination to learn in the fastest way.

So what is the goal?

Taking birth into the material energy into the human design matrix is a calamity we all chose. What compelled us to do so was our own desire to experience pleasure for our own selfish senses, a desire that is the cause of our own undoing of remembering the Real Self.

The term 'sin' is fitting to 'self interested nature'. The temporary nature of the body is based upon the separate thought system, or ego mindset, which is constantly attempting to enjoy the material energy.

At the very foundation of this need-lack lies what is pleasure-seeking. All souls want loving connection and union, but we are in a fallen state of misperception holding grievances from the pain we have experienced in childhood. And now we each are triggered accordingly to lash out our grievances upon each other until we are willing to recognise that this madness grows from the underlying separation.

The human tendency to seek pleasure always incurs a reaction causing us all varieties of suffering - rage, pain, gain, shame, sickness and despair.

"Failure is all about you while you seek for goals that cannot be achieved. You look for permanence in the impermanent; for love where there is none; for safety in the middle of danger; immortality within the darkness of the dream of death. Who could succeed where contradiction is the setting of his searching, and the place to which he comes to find stability?"

"The pursuit of the imagined leads to death because while you seek for life you ask for death. You look for safety and security while in your heart you pray for danger and protection for the little dream."

"Yet searching is inevitable here."

"But the world cannot dictate the goal for which you search unless you give it power to do so." Lesson 131 - A Course in Miracles - Jesus.


The essence of the true Self

Sat (सत्) means “Absolute Being”, “Truth”, “an intense power of truth and virtue “. Thus, Sat refers to a principle that is timeless and pure, that under no circumstances changes.

Chit means “true consciousness”, “consciousness”, “to understand”, “to be conscious of”, and "to comprehend”.

Ananda is an eminence that goes with the completeness of life, fullness. The biggest attraction of this world is ‘Anand’.

Satchitananda is the ultimate unchanging reality.  The essence of each and every individual soul is this. Whether dormant or active - each atom, molecule and proton is sat-chit-ananda.

Before we were born we were just essence satchitananda taking birth, before taking form – this is Who you are. This is Who You Always Will Be!



Placenta egg

The ultimate purpose of taking birth is to Know Thyself simply by remembering Who You Are - Your Real Self - joined, connected, whole, entirely loved and already accomplished.

The calamity of taking birth creates a reaction within the causal body and our previous karmas and sanskars are activated accordingly, creating the illusion of separation. The Essence of Self - satchitanand falls into sleep while the ego thought system steps forward. The choice to forget Who You Really Are has occurred.

Identified as a body in space and time, mind is designed to access, process, accept or reject. It ranges from suspicious to vicious and from attack to defend. These are the mechanisms of the ego-mind wired by a thought system designed to keep the body alive to survive.

This is known as the conditioned state. Being in a body means being separate and alone. The very foundation is based upon the need-lack ego wiring of alone, afraid and separate. This fallen condition has a knee jerk mechaninsm of how to protect oneself. It is a misidentified self and it is feuled by rage, lust, laziness, fear, lack, pain, gain and shame.

How can a separate thought system find peace and commune with its True Self?

Jesus says in 'A Course in Miracles': "What's real can't be threatened, what's unreal doesn't exist - herein lies the peace of God."

"You have been caught in a cycle of seeing the self as important for a period of time and then seeing the self as unimportant for a period of time. Seeing the self as important seems at one time like a function of the ego, and at another as a function of the divine. You become confused between the personal self and a true Self only because you have not as yet identified your true Self. Once you have identified your true Self all such confusion will end.. "A Course of Love" - Book One - Chapter 27 Being C:27.5

The body/mind-ego thought-system is engineered to survive - choosing to take your first breath at birth means therein lies the consciousness, knowledge of your last. The survival instinct to keep the form functioning, to be comfortable and safe, is misidentified in the material energy and blocking the way for the True Self to rise. Embracing the True Self -our original state or our constitutional position before the fallen state- one must forgive oneself in order to allow for the Real Self to reveal itself, step forward and shine.

The ego's thought system, however, is wired to keep you held within the idea it holds about  itself of "I am this, I am that, this is me". The survival instinct of every personality runs according to its instinctive, intellectual and emotional survival strategy, a blueprint wired to sense when threat is imminent and where attack or defence (or in other words its misidentified self) takes the reigns.

The Sacred system of the Enneagram and its ancient algorithm reveals how the inner working of each fight and flight tendency works tirelessly to hold up a perception based upon a grievance stored in the human matrix and subtle psyche awaiting to be healed and released.

Once you are willing to recognise and accept your own survival mechanisms at play and their faulty nature, choose then the Journey into Self!







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The Truth of the Self

'A Course of Love' Mari Perron, first receiver, establishes your true identity. “You are a being that exists in union before you could know anything else with the certainty you seek, for union is the treasure that has been locked away from you.” 4.23 page 515.

Dismantling the ego self may seem fraught with uncertainty, but trying to dismantle the ego self “separate and alone, you could not learn the truth no matter how much attention you paid, no matter how mighty you tried. For on your own you cannot learn the truth. On your own, only illusion can be learned”. 4.25 page 515. "Union is both the treasure and the key to the treasure. As all that exists in truth, the truth of who you are is means and end as well.”

Unlock this key to your sacred Self while we journey inward via the Sacred alorithm, to guide you to your essence, Your Ture Self. Recognise Your Own Unique Purpose and Function while in dialogue with me and take the Journey in to the place of calm.

Come Journey with Me while I join with You under Divine Guidance.

As an initated Bhakti yoga devotee of the Supreme Beloved, and as lover of 'A Course in Miracles' Jesus, 'A Course of Love' Mari Perron, first receiver, and lover of the Holy Names of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, I warmly invite you into a sacred journey with me.

My function is to remind you of your own personal co-ordinates that have seemingly held you bound into the geomatrix. Accept your soul's contract of ushering in the healing of the separation, joining into the Embrace where we Rise and Shine in Realising the True Nature of Your Real Self!

Hare Krishna.

The name Enneagram comes from the Greek word meaning nine and Gramma meaning figure. It is unknown who came up with the enneagram symbol, but it dates back to Babylonian 2500 B.C. and also has roots in classical Greek thought of Pythagoras, Plato, as well as Neoplatonic philosophers. The Enneagram symbol is part of Western thinking which gave rise to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, including Hermetic and Gnostic philosophy.

The Enneagram of personality dates back to the fourth century A.D. and is used as the basis for the development of psychology.

Greek-American born 1875, George Ivan Gurdjieff reintroduced the Enneagram symbol to the modern world and the two sources came together several decades ago.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

This sacred mathematical algorithm relates to sacred geometry such as vortex mathematics and the flower of life.

The flower of life is a basic template for everything in existence. All geometric forms can be found within it, including sacred geometry. It symbolises creation and reminds us of the unity of everything.

The Enneagram is born from this understanding and is intrinsic to our nature as personality in form as an ego wiring for survival and functioning.

These 9 types can be simplified into 3 main categories which when seen and recognised can facilitate a powerful transmission to healing and resolving conflict with self and others.

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